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How You Make Money With Watkins

People join Watkins for a variety of reasons. Some people want to earn a little extra income; some want to work part time; some want to build a full time business. People join to supplement family income, to interact with other people, for a hobby or retirement activity, to work from home while their children are young. A Watkins home business is flexible and allows you to choose your "how". You earn according to your efforts.

Basic Compensation Plan Information

  • A Watkins Membership is $29.95. This Electronic Membership provides the master catalog, business information and materials, and training online.)
  • Receive up to 47% discount on the products you order for yourself depending on your monthly sales volume.
  • Earn up to 47% commission on the products you sell depending on your monthly sales volume.
  • Earn 5% to 10% on the personal use and sales of your downline team of consultants. (If you sponsor and build a team)
  • Watkins pays cash bonuses for business building.
  • As your business grows you earn Performance Reward Points and could earn an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic location. Consultants can earn the trip more easily during their first years with Watkins if they build their business quickly.
  • There are no monthly sales quotas or minimum order requirements to remain a Consultant. You may order whenever and as much as you like. (We recommend you place orders of $100 or more so shipping is free.) Your membership is all you have to buy. Materials such as catalogs are optional based on your business goals. The Timeless Integrity Home Business Group offers free printable business materials for all Watkins Consultants.

    Go here to read a 4-page summary of the Watkins Compensation Plan Understanding Watkins Compensation Plan

    Methods to earn money

  • Buy Watkins products for yourself and your family at a discount.
  • Share Watkins catalogs and products with friends, relatives, acquaintances, and co-workers face-to-face and via social media and email
  • Online sales from your e-consultant web site
  • Party Sales by presenting Watkins products to guests at the home of a hostess during informal, fun get-togethers.
  • Booth or table at trade shows, craft shows, markets, fairs, and holiday bazaars where you display and sell Watkins products.
  • Sponsoring other Consultants to build a team. Let other people know about your business. As they join, your team can sell many more products than you could by yourself, and you can earn significant bonus commissions on your team's overall sales and purchases.
  • How Much is a Watkins Consultant Discount?

    Short answer:
    Up to 47% plus free shipping, depending on your total orders and achievements for the month.

    As a Watkins Consultant, you'll get the Consultant's Retail Discount on most of the products you order, which can be as high as 35% off the suggested retail price. Plus, you can qualify for Achievement Level Bonuses, which can give you up to approximately 12% in bonuses, for a total of approximately 47% off.

    Your Retail Discount is based on the total retail value of the products you order from Watkins during the month for yourself or your customers. (Any customer-direct orders that are shipped directly from Watkins to your customers also count.) Your Retail Discount starts at 15% discount if your total orders for the month are at least $150, goes to 20% discount at $500, 25% at $1,000, 30% at $5,000, and up to a maximum of 35% discount at $10,000. (See chart below)

    Watkins Retail Discount Chart

    Watkins Home Business Opportunity and Watkins Products - jr watkins company compensation plan - Watkins Home Business Opportunity Retail Discount Chart and Watkins Products - jr watkins company and business canada usa

    Watkins Achievement Levels
    Consultant 1-499 points
    Bronze Consultant 500-999 points
    Silver Consultant 1000-1499 points
    Gold Consultant 1500-1999 points
    Manager 2000 points for two consecutive months

    The third month after Consultants reach the Manager Level, they are eligible for a special bonus payout of between $100 - $500 USD each month for the next 12 consecutive months so long as they maintain the manager title (2000 points).

    There are also Bronze, Silver, Gold Manager levels as well as Bronze, Silver, Gold Executive levels. Consultants also earn a one-time bonus of $750.00 USD at each level when they progress to the Bronze Manager, Silver Manager, and Gold Manager achievement levels (for a total of $2,250.00 USD in additional bonuses). Consultants can earn a total of up to $8,250.00 USD in EXTRA bonuses on top of all the usual earnings from building a solid business.

    With time, dedication and perseverance, these levels are all within reach. Consultants at these levels are regular people who started from the ground up and treated Watkins like a real business. They didn't expect to get rich overnight and they knew it would take work and time to get to these upper levels.

    If you’d like more details before making your decision to join please visit our Watkins Business information website. Visit our site for free, no-obligation details. Consultants can build a better future with just a few hours of consistent, part-time effort each week.

    Sign up now at one of these secure websites www.respectedhomebusiness.com/335001.com, give my name and ID# in the Sponsor Section, or at www.JRWatkins.com/consultant/eleisiawhitney. Choose Sign In/Create Account, then Join Watkins As a Consultant, or by calling Watkins at 1-800-WATKINS. Please give our name and ID# as your sponsor, Eleisia and Randall Whitney ID# 335001.

    The JR Watkins Company was established in 1868 and has been a trusted household name for families across North America for generations. A Watkins business is flexible and fits into any lifestyle. Watkins has survived many changes and several recessions. Watkins is built on trust and integrity. What other company do you know that can meet those standards?

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