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The Timeless Integrity Home Business Group

The Summit Group is now called Timeless Integrity and is the official training site for JR Watkins. Timeless Integrity is responsible for training all JR Watkins Consultants.

Every Watkins Consultant is automatically a member of the Timeless Integrity Home Business Group and gets a free sponsoring website. See my Watkins Sponsoring website for details about the Watkins Home Business

Your membership to Timeless Integrity is free for you and everyone you sponsor. The group provides your sponsoring website, a training website with articles and business information, customizable business tools that you can print, customer flyers and price lists, a weekly training webinar, and advice from top executives who know first hand what it takes to succeed at this business. The training website is there to help you. Use as much information as you like.

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Watkins Home Business Opportunity

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