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Watkins Black Pepper

The Pepper Experts Since 1895

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As with coffee beans and wine grapes, varieties of peppercorns can have different flavor characteristics that are dependent on climate, soil and growing conditions.

  • Malabar peppercorns, from India, are small, full-bodied, strong, aromatic, and a favorite of many.
  • Tellicherry peppercorns, from the Malabar region, are larger and milder, and considered the best for grinding fresh in a peppermill.
  • Lampong peppercorns, grown in Indonesia, have a very bold and pungent flavor - even stronger than Malabar.
  • Muntok pepper, a relative of Lampong, is grown exclusively for making white pepper.

Pepper was once more valuable than gold; such was its importance to the world. It is used in virtually every cuisine on the planet, and is the only spice worthy of its own shaker along with salt at the table - donít fill yours with anything but the best. At Watkins, we buy top-quality Malabar and Lampong peppercorns, then granulate them through our exclusive process, which preserves their high essential oil content. Watkins Pepper is sneeze proof because it is granulated.

See Watkins Online catalog for Canadian prices.

Watkins Purest Granulated Black Pepper

01140 - 6 oz/170 g - $9.99
01141 - 12 oz/340 g - $16.49
60396 - 2 oz/56 g - $3.99
00581 - 4 oz/113 g - $6.29

All-Natural Gourmet Whole Peppercorn Grinders

Enjoy the flavor of gourmet pepper with our new peppercorn grinders! These grinders have a unique design that will catch your eye and please your palette. Filled with our top-quality peppercorns, these disposable grinders are convenient and easy to use. Just twist to grind. Enjoy the taste of freshly ground pepper on all your favorite foods, naturally! Enjoy our using our Sea Salt Grinder 00531 too.

A Heritage of Gourmet Flavors

Watkins Black Pepper (along with other ground spices and vanilla) were awarded the Gold Medal at the 1928 International Exposition in Paris. If you stacked up all the containers of Black Pepper Watkins has sold since 1895, it would be 51,826 times taller than the Eiffel Tower!

From Watkins 1937 Almanac

"Almost every order that the Watkins Dealer gets from his customer ends up with '....and a can of pepper.' For 69 years the House of Watkins has enjoyed an enviable reputation for the superior quality and the fine flavor of its spices.

Watkins Pepper is granulated from the most expensive grade of Tellicherry Pepper. The pepper berries are granulated - not ground - because ordinary grinding would break the oil cells and allow the flavor to evaporate. That's why Watkins Pepper keeps its pep. It is stronger and goes further."

General Description

Pepper is the dried berry of Piper nigrum. This vine which can grow up to ten feet tall is indigenous to India and Asia. Pepper is actually berries that are picked about nine months after flowering. (This is true pepper, and should not be confused with paprika, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, red pepper, and bell pepper, which are fruits from the capiscum family.) Black Pepper, the spiciest, is berries that are picked unripe. The berries used for White Pepper are ripened on the vine and soaked so that their outer hulls are easily removed. Green Peppercorns are immature berries which are freezedried or packed in brine for preservation.

History/Region of Origin

Since the Roman times, Pepper has been the most important spice. The cities of Alexandria, Genoa, and Venice owed their economic success to Pepper. Three thousand year old Sanskrit literature mentions Pepper. It was one of the earliest items traded Asia and Europe. In 1101, victorious Genovese soldiers were each given two pounds of Pepper as a gift for their successful Palestinian conquest. In the Middle Ages, Europeans often used Pepper to pay rent, dowries, and taxes, and Shakespeare mentions Pepper in his plays. The need for Pepper inspired Spanish exploration and spice trade in the 15th century.

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